Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So much to say....

Is life beyond crazy...or what.  There is no way to catch up on my this will be my new start.

I start crafting in my new space this weekend !!! All painted ...all filled (and more).

Thus begins the journey.

My work office and art office share a space at EarthDust Studio.  The workspace for Art Loves Chaos FactoryWerks and Studio along with Little Lost Bohemian Art and Altered Boutique.

PRETTY EXCITING!!  I am hoping to start sharing photos next week.  With all good there of course comes bad.  I asked to be on hiatus from Bombshell Stamps and Gauche Alchemy.  That just about KILLED ME !!!

I will start doing some Gauche stuff this week and hopefully at some point be able do some work for Bombshell stamps again (because I UBER UBER love them)

Also working on some projects for Scrap N' Art magazine and the team there couldn't be ANY BETTER!!

There will be some big changes on this blog and a lot more projects to be shared!  There will also be alot of art and altered items in the ArtFire store now instead of just scrapbook and art supplies.

We are having a big local sale so next weekend the store will be down, but if you stop by this week and enter in BIGMOVE as a coupon will get 20% off your purchase.

Art Loves Chaos - ArtFire store