Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OK Guess I am a little behind

I have been crafting, but not posting. My life has gotten a little crazy.  I am going to start with today's post...then go back and fill in the days with some of the other projects I worked on. Today is not a real craft post...but more a Pinterest "SAVE". My daughter told me she was tossing a pair of jeans because the zipper was broken and wouldn't stay up.
I remembered seeing this pinterest pin....I was sooo glad (she is too, she loved the jeans)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 40 February 9

Maybe your kids aren't like mine were...but we had a couple of cork boards that were on their way OUT!
They had been drawn on, and pinned to the extreme!
It seemed such a waste, so they were still hanging around. I figured I would at least use the frame.

BUT...then there was THIS PIN

and voila...

I also recovered a ratty looking old barstool.  It was a cheap black metal stool but loving the way it looks with the fabric!

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 39 February 8

This is a late post....Life has been super crazy this week.

Clementines were on sale this week, so I HAD to try THIS PIN

The directions were very good.  The "wick" is just as they say....hard to light. let the oil soak on it for a couple of mins, and be willing to use more than one match!
I wish that I would have made the whole smaller so that more scent came through.
The great thing is that clementines peel so easily that no fruit is wasted...and I have a whole bag to practice with!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 38 February 7

I really loved the "lace tiles" and I have been dying to make these.
Since we finally got a day with sun...I took advantage of it!

I sprayed the back of the lace with adhesive spray then placed it on the tile. (we had sun...and wind)
It took very little spray paint, I can't wait to get some other colors and try it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 37 February 6


Baked Avocado recipe.

Well this is another odd pin. When I went to the website, the recipe wasn't there, so I had to go searching and found it HERE on Foodbuzz.com
I followed the recipe pretty closely. I used sea salt instead of kosher salt and didn't add the parmesean.
I made a much larger batch than shown...my family started digging in before I got back with the camera.

We had some great salsa we dipped it in.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 36 February 5

OK...on a baking kick, so today's pin is a breakfast caserole. I have a really busy week and I am glad breakfast
will be done for a couple of days.

 This is my original pin for the inspiration, but I didn't have all of the ingredients.

So I went in search of another recipe and found this....

And here is the final result...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 35

yum yum yum...just dying for some cake today and I remembered this pin.
I wanted to see if it worked...it did with some clarifications.

The recipe was quite simple...take 2 boxes of cake mix. One MUST be angel food.

I placed both mixes in a large plastic container.
Put the lid on (holding tightly) I shook it to mix it.

After shaking I used a whisk to further mix it and break up any lumps.

Next add 3 TBS of the mix and 2 TBS of water to a mug...stir...then microwave 1 minute.

It came out perfectly. It wasn't dry, perhaps a little boingy....not really rubbery but maybe every so slightly.  That is from microwaving and it also being angel food.

**********Clarification ************
The Angel food cake mix is basically unflavored...just a slight vanilla, so you are reducing the flavor of the mix.
When I make my next one, I may add a squirt of lemon juice before microwaving so that it is a little more flavorful. With Chocolate or vanilla it may have been just fine, with lemon, it was weak in my opinion.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 34

I LOVE the peg board idea.  I am going to make another board to put next to this one.

This piece of peg board I got at our local Restore (the habitat for humanity store)
It is a thrift store and home supply place. I love buying home items there and
knowing I get a good deal..and they get money...there is always a great deal..like $5 doors and
$2 window sashes, etc...
I took the piece of peg board and created a 1x1 frame on the back to mount it to the wall.
I am trying to keep items in packaging now so that I can use it for supply lists for the magazine.

I used to just pull stuff out and file it..can't do that now I can't remember manufacturers if I do that.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 33

Today continues the transformation of a previous pin from Day 18
I had previously made some shelves out of an old window.

Yesterday I finally got some chicken wire, so I added it today.
There were several inspirations.

I used a heavy duty stapler to add it. I did 2 sides then stretched it and stapled the last two.

Yes upon finishing it and hanging it, I realized the chicken wire goes two different directions....ugggghhh
Oh well, hopefully I will hang enough stuff to make it not so noticable.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 32

I had help from my "youngest" taking the pic today...I will repost tomorrow. 

OK today is a weird one I guess. I LOVE the skirt in the pin, and I set off to go to Goodwill
to find some brown skirts to deconstruct to make it.

BUT I found an awesome long dark brown suede skirt (THAT FIT ME) it has squares..not ruffles, but...
I still liked it.

THEN I found that lacey shirt and the pink suede jacket. Because I bought it all at the "by the pound" Goodwill
it was between $5 - $10. I bought other things so I don't know  their exact weight. I left the tag on when I took the pics. SUPER happy with my finds today....2 suede jackets (1 to sell) and a pair of dusty rose leather pants that I will be selling!!!

I wasn't thinking about this jacket for me at first...but I pictured it with some embellishments so I will be adding those soon (inspired by a couple of jackets I have pinned). Can't wait to start on it.

All that "romantic western wear" posting the other day on my clothing pin got me on a boho western kick.
Tomorrow back to crafts and then I have a few "clothing" make overs to share.