Sunday, October 9, 2011

Re-doing the Office Part- Due

Ok, Put in my work surface...starting putting up a shelf and starting filling book shelves.  I am beginning to wonder where the rest is going to go....hmmmm

Re-doing the Office Part- UNO

This takes it from bare floor - to stained - to urethane

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Never in one place too long am I ?

Today I started a beautiful altered vintage inspired vest that I am hoping I will have done in the next day or two to show off.  I am repacking and seeing things that were meant to be paired with something...and then I have been finding the OTHER thing  (This is not something that happens too often for me, so its exciting)  Which means that a few things have joined forces to be new projects *they are screaming experiment*  I still say project and I am in control of the scissors.  They need to be finished soon...because...... the

Floor in my office is going to be stained tomorrow night and then polyurethane before bed...then only one day away from moving back in.

I really started a different thought process for organizing when I moved into the temp studio.  I like the direction that I was going, so I will continue with more of the same.  I am hoping to share some ideas for how I have been able to put together what I think will be a beautiful space on not a champagne budget, not even a beer budget...more like a store brand single soda budget.

Tomorrow I will post the before.....the stained....and the the urethane pics.