Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dress your Bombshell

Here is a tutorial from 2009, that I thought might be useful!  Dress your Bombshell!

Miss Bombshell is wearing a lovely full length evening gown made from DCWV metallic cardstock.
Her shoes are black with a hint of silver glamour.
She sends big hugs and kisses to everyone!
The key to dressing these bombshells are the arms.
To make it easier it helps if she has a sleeve,
spaghetti strap or in this case, a sash.

You can use the arms from the final stamp or a second stamp.

Start with a stamped image.

I would also color her skin first. It is easier to work with a larger piece.

Remove the arm at different spots depending
on how she will be dressed.
You may only need to replace the hands, like in this example.
Its easiest to design the clothes with tracing paper or vellum. You could even use a transparency so that it would be easier to reuse. This part is up to you, what do you want her to look like??

Also, keep those mis-stamped images for
*body parts* lets not waste girls!!


  1. WOW that is pretty cool how you did that!

  2. Ah, Kas! Are you the genius behind this concept? Shannon told me about you! ;)