Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's Back - Store's Open - and a new Bombshell Card!!

Okay, it has been crazy...but....I am back.

My artfire store is starting to fill up...there is TONS more to go in, but there's enough to announce it!
I am liquidating a scrapbook store.  There is NOTHING at retail price.  Some even below retail.  I can make shipping adjustments.  If you haven't purchased from artfire before, keep in mind only one item is at the named shipping, other items are at the secondary shipping price.

Also, here's a card for a Moto Guzzi riding friend of ours....

She of course is a Bombshell Angel Stamp...dressed in digi clothes from Bombshell stamps!!
She is going to look great with the new motorcycle stamps!!!
WOO HOO to motorcycle stamps!!!


  1. She is fabulous in her racing outfit! Love the background paper and how you used the colors of the Italian flag! Molto bello! I had to google how to say that...LOL! ;D

  2. She'd look darling with a Vespa too =) But I'm biased like that lol

    And I should not have read your blog today, cuz I went to your store and spent more money on new supplies after I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore new things this week! lol Oh well at least it was payday today :D