Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great Challenge for June at Bombshell Stamps - Memory Boxes!

This is not my Bombshell project, but just an example of a Memory Box. 
I made this (many years ago) to hold special things from my father in law.
The outside has a handsome picture of him from WWII.
Inside it holds (the ones I have found in boxes) the cards he made me and my children for many years.
He suffered from Parkinson's Disease but he loved art and did his best to continue. 
Many of these items were made when he was in his 70s. 
They are sometimes shaky, but always filled with love. 
He was quite the upcycler - as the cut outs were made from cereal boxes.
The characters were of course my family and the scenes of our various homes.
When I open boxes from the attic (oh there are plenty) and I find one of these treasures,
I always add them in.


  1. Oh Kas, that is an awesome box, and I love the picture of him!!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. How cool! I love this. Thanks for sharing.