Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog Candy...cause I am so DANG happy !!!

OK, I have the MOST exciting news for myself that I have had (except for my children) in over 20 years.  I get a VACATION, and not just any vacation....a craft vacation with friends!  And to top that I get to go to CHA!  Whew, pinch me pinch me!

SO to celebrate my excitement, I am going to be giving aways some goodies.  I have a few things now, but I am planning on picking up a few things while I am at CHA to add!  I will be posting pic from there all week.

So make sure you stop by and check it out this week!  When I get back I will post the details about the contest.


  1. Congrats! on the wonderful vacation. Love blog candy too.

  2. WHOOOOOHOOOO Kas!! That is awesome and definately well deserved after 20 years without!
    And to the Cha....AWESOME,you go girl,have a fabulous time and take lots of pictures so you cvan share it with us!