Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome to my new Space....1st look

I thought I would start my new "craft life" by sharing some of my new space with you.
I have never been the most organized person, but I am REALLY trying.
So as I unpack and set up I am hoping to put things up in an organized fashion.
I started today by making containers for some of the most used items.
I still love that great Marah Johnson tattoo paper!
Of course I had to use Thickers for the word THICKERS!!
I also used them for the pencils container.

Of course in this picture you can see empty space between items...and you know it is not staying that way!

Here is the more realistic picture.

Maybe by posting pics as I go....I will feel obligated to keep it neat!
That is my hope.  Baby steps!


  1. Looking very neat and good Kas!! I am chaotic also...I have a craftsroom upstairs.....but I craft in the livingroom on my desk...LOL
    At least recently I mastered more or less,to clean up after every card I make before starting on a new one....that took me years to get to that LOL

  2. phew! that is very neat and tidy .... will it stay like that once you start a project though? hahaha