Friday, November 1, 2013

Day of the Dead Shrines (Repost from 2012)

This is a repost from 2012, but great for today!

So happy to be crafting again. If any of you know what my last year has been like you KNOW I am enjoying getting a little of my life back.

The last day or two I was working on this little shrine. 

Música de la Luna

The musicians glow in the dark.
As does the moon and the stars in the background and on the ceiling.

I am already working on several more...please check back soon.

Here are some older cigar box shrines and projects 


  1. These are awesome! I am so in love with the new one. Th little campfire, the banner, I can practically hear those guys singing! Awesome work and so inspiring!

  2. Fabulous - love how that one little guy literally has his head thrown back in song! Love that camp fire!

  3. Absolutely awesome. The campfire and skeletons is my favorite. I love how they are singing around the campfire. The Bombshell Madonna is very pretty and reminds me of my mom

  4. Wow. These are all fabulous, but there's something about the campfire shrine that makes me want to sing along with them.

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