Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wednesday Bombshell Hop!!

Short post....cause it's my b-day and I am relaxing and watching Sons of Anarchy!!

But here you go...Buttons.  Well paper buttons!  I didn't find the buttons I was looking for...then I found some paper circles that matched the parrot frame.  Heck I have a crop-a-dile, I can punch holes!

Now show the other Bombshell girls some "love" !



Ms. November - Mary G.

Miss Magoo

Glittery Katie


  1. I am also a huge SAO fan (check out my blog for a SAMCRO card I made)but I DVR it and watch it later, so don't spoil it for me.

    Great card! Smart way to match "buttons" to your project. I just started making polymer clay buttons. So many options!

  2. What a creative solution to find matching "buttons" for your card. I always have a problem with that, the ones I want are never an exact match. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Love the buttons! I need to start making my own buttons too because I could NEVER find the exact buttons I want! LOL!

    Happy Birthday Miss Kas! Have a great one!

  4. Happy Birthday, Kas.

    I hope you are getting spoiled rotten.

    I recently saw a homemade button tutorial where you glue together a stack of four or five circles, top with patterned paper, cropadile some holes and then use glossy accents for flare.

    Your adorable buttons remind me of that. Great job.

  5. Happy Birthday to youuuu
    Happeee birthday to youuu
    Wishing you a great day and hope you get spoiled rotten.
    Love your buttons and they match so well on your card too.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your special day was filled with love, laughter, and loads of loot.

    I love your card. You did a great job coloring the pirate and I adore the color scheme. The buttons look oh-so-real! You had me fooled for sure.

    Sons of Anarchy is awesome. The last two episodes shocked the heck out of me!

  7. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAS!!!! Best wishes to you, and hope you have a wonderful day!

    Great card too, very tropical and I'm ready to hop on a plane to Hawaii!

  8. Creating your own buttons is such a great way to have them match the rest of your work. SO inspiring.

  9. Beautiful! I love the fibers you used on the buttons and that parrot's gorgeous... I feel another Bombshell purchase coming on...