Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun !!

Okay, I have been dying to try out some melted Easter Grass....?
I saw a technique where someone placed Easter Grass between wax paper and melted it for sheets.  I didn't do that yet...I will after Easter so that I don't have to hide. (it was a long time ago, and I don't remember where I saw it, sorry)

BUT yesterday, I saw these beautiful birds, jumbo plastic Chinese food containers and sparkly Easter grass.  Yes, I can hear you saying, "Yeah, so...."

Well, I pictured the birds sitting in magical little nest perched high atop the food containers.  Life is about making all your little dreams come true, right?!?

So here is how I did it.
#1 - Open the window now before the fumes overtake you! Place a fan to blow the fumes away from you ...and OUT the window!

#2 - Place glass jar upside down on a surface you don't care about, or protect it from the heat.  Then place a "hunk o' Easter grass" on top

#3 - Pull out that heat gun, you will have to start gently, or it will fly away.  Start by heating straight down so that it will stick together, and then work down onto the sides.  Let it cool, turn it over, voila !!

I place the bird inside poking the wire down through the nest, then through the center of the Chinese food container.  I need to finish decorating them, but I had to photograph this while they are in bed.


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