Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gauche Alchemy Challenge

Go check it out !!  HERE !!

It was an ad inspiration...
Here's mine.

“When I saw this ad for inspiration it was the ad I had been waiting for. Too cool, retro, slick & fashionable. The perfect ad to inspire this layout of my “gun-slinging” days. When I was a “tween” my father signed me up for a gun safety class, which led to an invitation to join a Junior NRA rifle team. You may say….10-13 year old girls (and some guys) what could they do. Well, I worked my way through the ranks and shot competition beating out many a humbled and embarrassed adult male!! It was a great confidence booster for a young girl. Truly something you would never guess about me.

Iprinted the ad on vellum and colored on the back with Copic markers to give it that Pop Art look. Punchinella makes a great background for some of my “miniaturized” awards. The rest of the goodies are from Gauche Alchemy Color Kits: White Wedding Night, Blue Winter Slush, and Blackout. The stamp around the edge is from Bombshell Stamp’s Cherry Bomb set.


  1. Great job, Kas.

    Very impressive and creative.

  2. totally GORGEOUS!!! Love this Kas!!!