Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 35

yum yum yum...just dying for some cake today and I remembered this pin.
I wanted to see if it did with some clarifications.

The recipe was quite simple...take 2 boxes of cake mix. One MUST be angel food.

I placed both mixes in a large plastic container.
Put the lid on (holding tightly) I shook it to mix it.

After shaking I used a whisk to further mix it and break up any lumps.

Next add 3 TBS of the mix and 2 TBS of water to a mug...stir...then microwave 1 minute.

It came out perfectly. It wasn't dry, perhaps a little boingy....not really rubbery but maybe every so slightly.  That is from microwaving and it also being angel food.

**********Clarification ************
The Angel food cake mix is basically unflavored...just a slight vanilla, so you are reducing the flavor of the mix.
When I make my next one, I may add a squirt of lemon juice before microwaving so that it is a little more flavorful. With Chocolate or vanilla it may have been just fine, with lemon, it was weak in my opinion.

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