Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 32

I had help from my "youngest" taking the pic today...I will repost tomorrow. 

OK today is a weird one I guess. I LOVE the skirt in the pin, and I set off to go to Goodwill
to find some brown skirts to deconstruct to make it.

BUT I found an awesome long dark brown suede skirt (THAT FIT ME) it has squares..not ruffles, but...
I still liked it.

THEN I found that lacey shirt and the pink suede jacket. Because I bought it all at the "by the pound" Goodwill
it was between $5 - $10. I bought other things so I don't know  their exact weight. I left the tag on when I took the pics. SUPER happy with my finds today....2 suede jackets (1 to sell) and a pair of dusty rose leather pants that I will be selling!!!

I wasn't thinking about this jacket for me at first...but I pictured it with some embellishments so I will be adding those soon (inspired by a couple of jackets I have pinned). Can't wait to start on it.

All that "romantic western wear" posting the other day on my clothing pin got me on a boho western kick.
Tomorrow back to crafts and then I have a few "clothing" make overs to share.

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