Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 12

OK...Here is my Pin inspiration. I wanted to keep using that sweater....
I was lucky (and I wish I would have taken a picture of the sweater ..pre-chop)
but it had a great design around the I used that.

I used the collar for the band around the edge of the hat.  It did have a re-do.  I originally just cut a circle basically around the whole sweater neck and then a circle of the back panel for the top of the hat.  It was cute but
looked more like a "rastafari" type of cool hipster hang hat. It was not the look that I was going for though.
so I cut "darts" and tightened up the main part, cut the circle much smaller and Bella was quite happy with it then.

I still have pieces of the sweater left.  They are sort of small but I have a feeling they will resurface soon....hint hint.

Thanks for joining me and taking the time to read this.

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