Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 7

I have several plain clear vases and have upcycled them before like this

So I loved some of the new ideas I have seen lately on Pinterest.  I saw this and went to Home Depot to get some white spray paint since I was out.  On the "oops" paint table were 3 cans of spray paint on clearance for 1cent!!!!
The cans were scratched I care.  What luck!!!

Here is the Pinterest Pin

Here is my vase. Some of the paint went under the rubber daughter like the fuzzy edges, so I will leave it that way.

Here is mine.


  1. I'm following you on Pinterest and boy am I glad!

    This is fabulous.

    I got several plain glass flower vases recently and am going to play with this idea as soon as it's warm enough to go outside with spray paint!

  2. We lucked out with a couple of warm days last week! I am going to work on covering some old jars too!