Monday, January 9, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 9

Today I took a pair of denim jeans, a discarded bed ruffle, some eyelet lace found at a thrift store and recreated the skirt on the following pin (kind of)

I did learn that you want to use softer or thinner fabric than I used. I will wash this and let it dry with rubber bands around it to pull it in.  I am not as happy with the fullness that it has, although looks much better than I would have expected.

These jeans had spray foam and paint on the knees.  They were a LOST cause.


  1. I love it!! Awesome! I have a pair of jeans that are goners and a skirt that is to big, wonder if I can configure that!!!

    1. It wasn't that hard. Finding where on the jeans to start the skirt was the only hard part.