Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 25 *out of order (catching up)

OK...I am going to be making some light bulb crafts, so I needed to clean out some bulbs.
I used the tutorial at:

It is a good tutorial, but I will add some comments, because it did not work as easily for me.

1. Glass pieces can fly...don't do this in your bedroom where you will have bare feet.
Everyone in my house knows that if you come in the craft room bare is at your own risk.

2. Ok the step where you "grab" the solder point...ummmm NOT.  the solder doesnt stick up enough,
or I don't have the right tool.  I went right into ...break the glass insulator which is the dark area inside the
metal piece.  I proceeded from there.

3. I used a metal file to smooth the glass pieces left on the inside of bulb.

4. Reveal bulbs have a beautiful blue/purple tint to them...Pretty happy with that.

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