Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 27 *out of order (catching up)

These were so beautiful, I had to try it.  I made painted Mason Jars on Day 23, but
loved how sheer the color was.
Taking pictures was not easy. I wanted enough light to see the color but not too forgive.
The pic with the paper behind it makes it look like the color is darker at the bend of the jars, but
it isn't. Keep in mind these can't be used to hold water.

The tutorial I used was at:

I didn't have strawberry baskets so I used a pizza screen.
We had no red food color, and two bottles of blue it was.
It will look cloudy and thick for hours until it is completely dry.
I did one thicker for a slightly more opaque look, but I like both.

I used a PLAIN jar for one

I twirled it a little while drying to keep some thinner areas covered, but
it all seemed to dry evenly so next time I won't worry so much.
When I took the final pics there was still a blog or two of the thicker one
that hadn't dried, but that's how it all looked before.

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