Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Promise 2012 - Day 16

I am busy super short post.
Here is the original PIN

Here is the pic

I like the design so I did a similar one with different colors.  This shirt had some paint on the front and sleeve, but it is so soft and comfy.  I did mine a little differently than the original pin.

My directions.
Use a thick piece of cardboard between front and back or you will have the same design on back.  draw design with bleach marker
***word of caution, shake bleach pen and then squirt some into sink or container.  Liquid comes out first and can make a mess.  make sure the gel is coming out before you mark your shirt.  Let sit a few minutes rinse REALLY well then dry.
I pinned a throw away piece from another T-shirt under the bleach area and stitched around each leaf then like a reverse applique I cut away the insides. 
***another word of caution, make sure you are only cutting the top layer and not both...or you will be sewing on MORE fabric.

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